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Register Animal/Owner  
 This form can be used for registering your pets and also obtain the login id for ANIWORLDBASE.COM. If you have already registered an animal with us, you may please login to "Animal Owner Login" and use option available there to register additional animals.

Regisration fee is USD 28.00 (a one time fee for registering your pet with ANIWORLDBASE.COM)

It is a simple 3 step process to register your pet with us.
  • Step1: Fill this form and submit.
  • Step2: Preview the submitted details and proceed to PAYPAL site for payment
  • Step3:Make a successful transaction and receive notification about pet record activation.
  • Once you are regsitered you will recieve login credential to maintain your pet records. You can print your ANIMAL PASSPORT online from your login area.

    Note: All fields hilighted yellow are mandatory.
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agree with terms and condition of this registration.

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